Usenet is a gigantic mostly unmoderated forum with lots of uses. You can take part in one of the millions of discussions about every topic under the sun. Be honest you are looking for porn. Usenets main attraction for us is to download files such as movies, music, MP3s, pictures, and software. On this page is a sample of the adult groups available on Usenet. This list is by no means all inclusive but it should give you an idea of just what types of adult Usenet groups are out there. If you can’t access these news groups either you don’t have Usenet access or they are censored on your news server. We are working on a complete upgrade of this page into a full web site devoted to adult USENET newsgroups. I highly recommend you check out the EasyNews site for complete USENET Newsgroup access.

One of the HUGE attractions of USENET is that you can download binary files anonymously!!! Bittorrent is very popular but download the wrong file and you can be in big trouble there. With the new 6-strikes Policy adopted by all the major ISP’s many people are looking to USENET to stay out of trouble.

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